Kaylee Z.

"Kristina’s communication was impeccable. She answered all our questions completely and promptly. Scheduling meetings with her was not difficult as she was very flexible with times and locations. During labor, Kristina was an amazing calming rock. Her voice and words were so calming, grounding, and supportive. She helped me to stay calm during intense moments by reminding me to come back to my breath. She also encouraged me when I started to loose sight on the prize. She was a great support to my husband as well. He was able to really focus on me and my emotional needs because Kristina was doing things like making sure I was drinking water with every contraction. The Birth Center we were at was very accommodating to our wishes, but Kristina always made sure we fully understood what the staff was telling us and made sure we were well informed about all our options. She always made sure to ask if we felt comfortable making the decision with the information we had. Kristina was a fantastic part of my labor team. I would recommend her to anyone I know!"

Lisa S.

"Kristina was amazing from day one! She made herself available as soon as she became our doula, offering loads of support and additional resources that got us through the last few weeks of pregnancy. As with many births, ours did not go as planned! I was transferred at 39 weeks to Fairview Riverside due to pregnancy induced hypertension and Kristina met us there as we started the induction process. She was extremely supportive and offered advice when we asked for it. My husband said he could not have gotten through those few days at the hospital without her, and I would have to agree. I think we broke her record for longest attendance at a birth! She never showed her tiredness during my labor and was so kind and respectful to all of the hospital staff. She truly went above and beyond all expectations and we are so grateful and lucky to have found her!"

Bis + Abel F.

"We could not have gone through pregnancy and labor without Kristina! Her expertise and calm presence were incredible. She is very good at her job and we will be calling her when we're ready for baby #2!"

Dorina G.

"I am so happy to have requested your services and even though my little peanut decided to come quick and my labor was fast I really appreciate the support after the birth. Thank you so much for sticking around and following up with me, you're amazing and I’m greatful to have met you."