A Healthy Womb Environment

Your baby depends on you to provide a healthy place for them to grow. While your baby is in your womb, they get all of their nourishment from you. But did you know other substances flow through the placenta from mother to baby? Your choices shape the environment for the whole nine months you carry baby. Your lifestyle is their lifestyle. At no other time in your life do you have such an important reason for taking good care of your own body!

Even though the best time to make lifestyle changes is before you become pregnant—when you start thinking about having a baby--it’s never too late to improve your baby’s womb environment.

Here are some big things that impact your baby’s womb environment:

Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs. Things that are not good for adults are also not good for babies in the womb. It should come as no surprise that smoking, drinking, and using drugs are hazardous to your baby’s development, just as they are hazardous to your own health and well-being. So, it’s time to quit! If you are in the Twin Cities: https://www.minnesotahelp.info Otherwise please get in touch if you need any resources to help you with this transition.

Caffeine. Caffeine is not as bad for pregnant women and their babies as smoking or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, but it also doesn’t have much to offer you and your little one. Be aware of how much caffeine you are consuming because it is a diuretic that drains your body and baby's body of nutrients.

Products that contain strong, chemical smells. This includes a fairly wide range of products, so keep this in mind especially when you’re cleaning, and try to find natural products. You should also be wary of grooming products (hair dye, for example) and insecticides. Some natural product companies to consider:

Preparing for your pregnancy can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking—of course you want to do everything to have a healthy baby. If you’d like a little more support, please feel free to reach out with any questions or book a session so we can discuss your needs and goals more specifically!


PUMPKIN CHAI LATTE: This fall-flavored chai makes a great alternative to coffee, even if it isn't in season :) You can turn up the spice by leaving out the agave, or include it in for a warming sweet treat. Chai does contain caffeine, so this it can be a nice way to ease off of coffee. If you’re ready to rid yourself off caffeine completely, go ahead and substitute your favorite herbal tea. The latte works cold too, if you’re craving it on ice.   


1 tea bag chai or herbal tea

1 1/2 tablespoon unsweetened pumpkin purée

2 teaspoons agave, optional

6 oz. almond or coconut milk



For hot: Steep tea in 6 oz. of water. Once steeped, stir in pumpkin purée and agave. Top with warmed almond or coconut milk.

For cold: Brew tea per instructions on package. Add honey and allow to cool. Once chilled, stir in pumpkin purée. Pour over ice and top with almond milk.


Quick Tips

How to Kick the Caffeine

Reduce the amount of time you percolate the coffee or steep the tea—In general, the longer coffee and tea are brewed, the greater the caffeine content.

Try herbal teas that are caffeine free.

If the warmth of the beverage is what satisfies you, try hot water with lemon, hot apple cider or herbal tea.

If you are having trouble getting started without your daily caffeine, start cutting back gradually. Brew your coffee using half decaf and have regular and then gradually decrease the portion with regular caffeine.