Prepare Right Now Online Workshop!

Prepare Right Now is a 4-week, self-paced workshop that will guide you through how to transform your pregnancy into a healthy new beginning! You got this, mama!

What we'll cover: 

  • The changes occurring in each stage of pregnancy
  • A variety of LIFESTYLE choices that can affect mama + baby
  • Simple EXERCISES to enhance pregnancy + delivery
  • How ATTITUDE affects both mind + body

This 4-week, self-paced, workshop includes:

  • Informational Webinars
  • Resource Downloads
  • Individual weekly check-ins
  • Curriculum from Dr. Sears— the most trusted resource on parenthood + pregnancy 
  • Recommendations regarding infant immunizations and safe sleep habits!
  • Ask questions + plan for your happiest + healthiest pregnancy!
  • App + product recommendations for mama fitness + relaxation tools
  • Natural remedies for common ailments
  • Qualities to look for in labor support and where to find a doula in your area

Who should join the workshop? Mamas-to-be, new mamas, grandparents, partners, siblings and anyone who will be supporting mama!